“.......From the first phrases of the Mozart Sonata….Andrea Passigli showed the security of a first rate musical temperament: his extremely clear phrasing, inspired by the noble calm of great Mozart interpreters like Walter and Fisher with his “ cantabile” always expanded and cordial but at the same time rigorously accentuated. These gifts that one cannot acquire, were demonstrated by the pianist in the great pages of Chopin, and with particular congeniality in the Mozart Sonata….”.
Giorgio Pestelli, LA STAMPA, Torino

“.......Passigli plays with musicianship, understands what he plays, knows how to highlight the focal points of the various
works with a striving for perfection that is admirable….”.
Leonardo Pinzauti, LA NAZIONE, Firenze

“…Andrea Passigli is a secure and incisive artist who, guided by nobility and taste, instinctively rejects unnecessary
effects and forced expressiveness. Instead, through his interpretation, he aims at a continuous tension of the phrasing
which becomes a synthesis both direct and dramatic……”.
Giuseppe Rossi, PAESE SERA, Firenze

“….What is striking about Mr. Passigli in general is his ability to move the audience from preoccupation with the
pianist to concentration on the music itself, the true sign of a worthy performer…”.

“…The interpretative line chosen by Andrea Passigli, a pianist with an Italian-American background, is rather clear and
tends to conserve the simple and intimate image of Schubert tied to the tradition… The music develops under the sign
of naturalness… significant is his respect for Schubert’s dictate, apparent in the extreme care with which he plays
what is written on the page, and above all – an extremely rare case -in observing all the written repeats… The musical
line develops with absolute precision and from this it draws its strength…”

“…The performer allows himself to be taken by the ecstasy of sound, but without ever losing sight of the movement’s
formal aspects…Particularly successful are the second and the third Moments Musicaux and the first of the
Impromptus. It is the second time that I express a positive judgement on an Italian pianist’s achievement with
Francesco Lo Cascio CD CLASSICA

“…Beethoven, Bartok, Schumann: three distant musical worlds that Passigli outlined with an intelligent interpretation,
always stylistically conscious and at the same time without calculated schematism….”.
Gilberto Costa, PAESE SERA, Firenze

“…..Mr. Passigli played putting emphasis, especially in Bach, on thoughtful moments of subtle intimacy, with a gentle
and at times rich touch, and on clear differences in the dynamic ranges. In Schumann’s Carnaval, the complex elements
of the musical operation were fully evidenced , in an inspired and meditated performance, at times impetuous, that
perfectly highlighted the spirit of the piece…..”.

“….Mr. Passigli gives us, intact and fascinating, Schubert’s rediscovery of expanding to infinity those essential melodic
lines, the sublime “thematic” hints, which are symptoms of an unrepeatable creative inspiration….”
Raffaele Fresu, IL RESTO DEL CARLINO Ferrara

“….His platform demeanour was serious, confident , and self-possessed and….he demonstrated firm command of his
fingers and the keyboard in a demanding program…”.
Alan Kayes, EAST HAMPTON STAR, New York

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